5 Signs and Symptoms of Diabetic Eye Disease – How Diabetes Affects the Eyes

Learn how diabetes affects the eyes and what your eye doctor is looking for when it comes to diabetic eye disease. Learn more about Diabetes, the eyes and treatments in our playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vI_ptfl-eQ&list=PLzi60fSuOmPDHAm19V_2mACIi4CQ4SNpS

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Diabetes affects the eyes in many ways. In this video, we will break down the top 5 ways diabetes affects the eyes and the symptoms you may experience.
1️⃣ Blurred Vision
Diabetes may cause blurred vision or poor eyesight through: crystalline lens changes, diabetic macular edema, and cataract development.
2️⃣Spots in your vision
Diabetics may see eye floaters of many kinds, but diabetics may specifically struggle with what is called a vitreous hemorrhage, where blood inside the eye floats within the vitreous.
3️⃣ Diabetic Retinopathy (bleeding within the retina)
Diabetic retinopathy is usually the first thing your eye doctors may notice during a diabetic eye exam. This is recognized as blood vessel changes and bleeding inside the eye.
4️⃣Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
This is when new blood vessels grow inside the eye (neovascularization) which often break and leak fluid inside the eye.
5️⃣Retinal detachment
In cases of extreme diabetic retinopathy and untreated proliferative diabetic retinopathy, fibrovascular scar formation may lead to retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is an eye care emergency and carries a poor prognosis as it can result in irreparable vision loss and blindness.

-The better a diabetic’s blood sugar is controlled, whether that is with diet, exercise, and/or medication, the less chance of developing diabetic eye disease and other systemic complications.

🔥 It is recommended to have a dilated eye examination at least every year if diagnosed with diabetes. Sooner or more frequent if your doctor recommends.

I always strongly encourage heart healthy lifestyle changes for people struggling with diabetes.
Here are some videos by other fantastic doctors and researchers discussing lifestyle changes and science behind diabetes.
Diabetic Eye Exam (Coming Soon)
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0:00 – 5 Signs and Symptoms of Diabetic Eye Disease
1:11 – How Diabetes Affects the Eyes
1:34 – Blurred Vision
3:23 – Diabetic Macular Edema
4:45 – Seeing spots (vitreous hemorrhage)
6:14 – Diabetic Retinopathy
7:29 – Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
8:14 – Diabetic Retinal Detachment
8:59 – Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment
9:38 – Helpful Links for Diabetes

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In this video Joseph J. Allen, OD, FAAO, Diplo. ABO discusses how diabetes affects the eyes and common symptoms of diabetic eye disease. If you are researching how diabetes can hurt the eyes, check out this video. The subject of diabetes can be very complex and many people don’t understand how uncontrolled blood sugars can hurt the eyes. In this video, you’ll learn about diabetic retinopathy and what your doctor may see during the exam.
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