Cold Compress for Under Eye Bags #shorts

Learn how to get rid of under eye bags naturally! Cold compresses help with swelling around the eyes by helping constrict the blood vessels and slow down fluid movement. Most people with under eye bags experience them because of swelling, allergies or other sources of inflammation. People with true under eye bags are typically older and have lost rigidity in their orbital septum.

When it comes down to how to remove eye bags, you have 3 options.
You can try the natural route (diet change, cold compresses, eye allergy management)
You can try under eye cream (although this is not my favorite, it is an option)
And you can consider eyelid surgery (know as a lower eyelid blepharoplasty)
Contact a local eye care professional, dermatologist or oculoplastic surgeon near you for in person help!

Protect your skin from the Sun (sunlight damages the skin and makes eye bags worse)
– Use UV protecting Sunblock!
– Wear Sunglasses with 100 UV protection!

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About this video: Want to know how to get rid of bags under eyes? In this video, Joseph J. Allen, OD FAAO reviews how to get rid of bags under your eyes naturally. Under eye bags treatment typically focuses on reducing puffy eyelids via reducing the swelling or edema of the eyelid, however what causes under eye bags is protrusion of fat from underneath the eyeball pushing against the septum. Under eye bags are very common and almost everyone will experience them at some time, but some people may experience them more than others. For more information, please consult your local eye care provider, dermatologist or oculoplastic surgeon.

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