Dark Mode for EYE STRAIN? – How to Enable DARK MODE on Windows 10 and Google Chrome Dark Mode

Feeling eye strain from being on the computer all day? Have you tried DARK MODE? Here I show you how to enable dark mode on Windows 10 and how to enable dark mode in Google Chrome.

Many people like to use dark mode on their devices as it can feel easier on the eyes.
While eye strain is caused by many things, the eyes may become more light sensitive with increased strain and that is where dark mode may be helpful for you.

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Time Stamps for this Video
0:35 – How to enable dark mode on windows 10
1:17 – How to enable dark mode on Google Chrome
1:44 – How to enable dark mode in YouTube
2:15 – How to enable dark theme in windows 10
3:34 – How to turn on night light in windows 10
4:50 – How to magnify and invert contrast in windows 10

Turning on Windows 10 dark mode can reduce the screens brightness and may help for people who are very sensitive to the bright screen backlight and it also can help reduce on your devices power usage.
(It may also reduce your overall blue light exposure throughout the day)
If you turn on Windows 10 dark mode or activate windows 10 dark theme, I find that you usually don’t have to know how to make google chrome dark mode, as it now automatically should detect the native dark mode and will switch on it’s own. However, chrome dark mode can be toggled individually in the chrome settings as well on native apps such as YouTube on it’s own. This allows for a great amount of customization.

I also show you how to quickly adjust the blue light mode in Windows 10 Night Light.

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👉 Computer glasses vs blue light glasses – What’s the difference? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ly1zM3q14

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About this video: If you have been experiencing increased eye strain symptoms from being on digital devices, then you could have digital eye strain from computer vision syndrome. To help with these symptoms, In this video Dr. Allen shares how to enable dark mode in google chrome windows 10 and some other cool windows 10 features such as Night light mode to help with blue light from the computer screen.

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