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Are these products legit?? Dr. Allen reviews eye care products and devices that you DON’T need //// Check out My Cool Glasses Hacks and Eye Care Tips 👉 https://youtu.be/3AIL5kwnoZo

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There are so many videos across YouTube and social media reviewing eye care products and vision products that claim to help the eyes see better and feel better. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t actually provide any benefits whatsoever and some may even hurt you in the long run. It’s time to put an end to that. In this video I review 7 eye care products, eye drops, glasses and devices that you should avoid.

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Red Light and Aging of the Eyes: https://www.aao.org/eye-health/news/red-light-protect-aging-eyes-rlt-pbm-near-infrared

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0:00 Eye Care Products You DON’T Need
1:13 Pinhole Glasses Reviews
2:44 Visine Eye Drops for whiter eyes
4:10 Rohto Eye Drops
5:16 Eye Massager review
6:49 Change Eye Color
8:44 Do Eye Creams Work?
9:46 Do Blue Light glasses work?
11:06 As seen on tv glasses
12:18 Red light therapy

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About this video: Ever thought of buying pinhole glasses or eye creams? In this video, Joseph J. Allen, OD FAAO shares eye care tips and reviews eye care products you do not need. Many posts online try to sell you eyecare products that don’t actually do anything or may even be a risk for developing eye disease, so in this video I debunk some of the most overhyped eyecare products on the market.

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