How to Measure Your PD (Pupillary Distance) For Glasses At Home with GlassesOn App

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A major part of ordering eyeglasses and getting accurate glasses is having an accurate pupillary distance, also known as your glasses PD. For this purpose, 6over6 developed this online app called GlassesOn which you can download for free. I find it to be the easiest to use and the most accurate downloadable app for measuring your PD (Pupillary Distance).

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If you are looking to purchase online glasses, it is important to continue seeing your eye doctor regularly for eye health evaluations. Although you may be seeing well, many eye diseases may creep up without affecting your eyesight until it’s too late.

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Main points of this video:
What is pupillary distance?
A pupillary distance measurement, also known as an interpupillary distance measurement, is needed to set your glasses lenses within your eyewear or eyeglasses frames. It is the measurement between the center of your pupils of each eye. If the pd measurement is incorrect, you won’t see through the lenses correctly and this could lead to blurred vision, eye strain and headaches.

There are many videos out there on how to measure your pupillary distance using a ruler and while this can work, it can be a bit challenging and it can be easy to get the measurement wrong. So this video walks you through how to measure your pupillary distance without a ruler using the GlassesOn app. A free downloadable app for your phone which has been shown in clinical testing to be as accurate as standard ophthalmic pupilometers.

I hope you find this video helpful and please comment with any questions you have about pupillary distance and other eye health or eyeglasses related topics. I take all of your comments and questions seriously and I appreciate you. – Joseph Allen, OD FAAO

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About this video:
Looking for how to measure your pd for glasses? In this video, Dr. Joseph Allen, OD FAAO shows how to take your pd measurement using a pupillary distance app!

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