My Natural Dry Eye Home Treatment Routine – (home remedies for dry eyes)

Check out my dry eye home treatment routine! Here I share exactly what I do every day to help treat my dry eyes and reduce my dry eye symptoms naturally. Dry eye syndrome can be very complex and using dry eye treatment at home can help prevent symptoms from flaring up. I personally try not to use medications or eye drops which makes me more aggressive with my natural home therapy. If you are struggling with your dry eyes, hopefully my own routine will help you out.

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⚡My Dry Eye Home Treatment Routine ⚡
1. I drink water in the early morning to rehydrate
2. Warm compress (10 minutes)
3. Eyelid hygiene and eyelid massage
4. Dry Eye supplement with food
5. Warm compress at night (20 minutes)
* The key to success to do this every day

Note: Dry eye syndrome can be complicated by other forms of ocular surface disease and it is always best to consult with your local eye care professional if you are experiencing any eye pain or vision changes.


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– Warm Compresses for eyes –
The TearRestore (The ones I use in the morning)
Use “DoctorEyeHealth” to save 20%

Tranquileyes XL Kit
TranquilEyes EyeCloud (the one I use at night)
TranquilVibes Kit 👉

Want to find the best warm compress for you? Check out our reviews

After an eyelid warm compress, many eye doctors recommend doing an eyelid massage to encourage the oil glands to release the now melted oils.
I use the Nulids Dry Eye Device to help clean my eyelids and massage my oil glands
My Review:

Meibomian Gland massage tutorial

** Cleaning the eyelids is an important part of dry eye management. The presence of bacteria can release toxins that disrupt the tear film and cause infection.
A safe way to clean the eyelids often recommended by eye doctors is hypochlorous acid

Dry Eye Supplements recommended by eye doctors (top 3 I have found work)
– HydroEye
– EZ- Tears
– PRN (more expensive but works well)

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About this video: Are you looking for natural remedies for dry eye? Many people try to avoid using medications and dry eye disease often requires medicated eye drops or medical procedures to treat it. Thankfully, home remedies for dry eye exist and while they may not fully cure dry eye, they can help reduce dry eye symptoms and prevent flare ups. In this video, Dr. Joseph Allen from the Doctor Eye Health show shares his personal dry eye treatment routine. If you are looking for home remedies for dry eyes, then this video is for you

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