Ortho K Contact Lenses Explained (what is Orthokeratology)

Learn about Ortho K Contact Lenses (Orthokeratology) and how these contact lenses can give you 20/20 vision without wearing glasses or contacts throughout the day! New to Contact Lenses? Check out our guide for beginners here 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlPyYkq3LnY&list=PLzi60fSuOmPBqiF3B2n-j2OMoH9QJClA2

Ortho-K stands for Orthokeratology, which is a method of altering the need for vision correction by reshaping the corneal surface to the eye. You wear ortho k contacts at night while you sleep and remove them in the mornings so that you can have clear vision throughout the day.

How do Ortho K lenses work?
– These are hard contact lenses which are worn at night time so the lenses can push on the cornea and alter the corneas shape.
– This moves fluid from the central front cornea to more of a peripheral corneal location which usually creates a flatter corneal profile, changing the refractive power of the cornea.
– Over time, when not wearing the contact lenses, the cornea slowly regresses back to its original shape and power.

Who makes a good candidate for Ortho k lenses?
– Ortho-k lenses work great for anyone who is tired of wearing contacts or glasses throughout the day.
Which makes them ideal for athletes.
– They are also an excellent alternative to LASIK if you are not a good candidate for that procedure.
– Ortho K lenses have been FDA approved for up to -6.00 D of myopia and up to -1.75 D of Astigmatism.

Ortho-K contact lenses are also a great option for children as they can be used for myopia control. Myopia control (or myopia management) are strategies used to slow the progression of myopia or nearsightedness from getting worse. Orthokeratology lenses have shown in some studies to slow the progression of myopia up to 50%!

👉 Want to learn more about Myopia Control? Check out this video about the new SOFT contact lens for myopia management https://youtu.be/HzAUOR0lsgw

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