Sleeping with Eyes Open – Dry Eye Treatments for Lagophthalmos

Learn about lagophthalmos and dry eye treatments for sleeping with your eyes open. What type of dry eye syndrome do you have? Find out here:

Having your eyes open while sleeping is more common than you would think (most people have their eyes open just a small amount). Sleeping with eyes open can lead to severe dry eye symptoms and even exposure keratopathy (where the eye becomes compromised due to chronic dryness and exposure to the air). Here we review common causes of lagophthalmos and share some dry eye tips about what your doctor may recommend for you.


0:00 Sleeping with Eyes Open
0:43 Video Dedication
0:57 Noctornal Lagophthalmos
1:15 Cranial Nerve 7
1:28 Dry Eye from Lagophthalmos
2:13 Exposure Keratopathy
2:35 Causes of Lagophthalmos
2:53 dry eye from Bell’s Palsy
3:36 Dry Eyes from Thyroid Eye Disease
3:56 Dry Eyes from Sleep Apnea
4:13 Floppy Eyelid Syndrome
5:01 Dry Eye Treatment for lagophthalmos
7:07 Gold Weight Implant for Lagophthalmos
7:50 Tarsorrhaphy for Lagophthalmos

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💧Eye Drops for Dry Eye

How to put in eye ointment
Eye Ointment
Systane Gel

😮 Sleep Masks

Moisture Goggles

Goggles for Sleep Apnea or CPAP machine

đŸ”„ Pro Tips đŸ”„
Consider a Humidifier in your living room, office and/or bedroom:
– A humidifier I use: (nice and quite)
If you are sleeping with a fan on make sure to direct it away from your face
(air flow could dry out the eyes more)

Note: Dry eye syndrome can be complicated by other forms of ocular surface disease and it is always best to consult with your local eye care professional if you are experiencing any eye pain or vision changes.

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About this video: Do you have dry eye syndrome from sleeping with your eyes wide open? Having your eyes open while sleeping is often due to an eyelid condition called lagophthalmos. In this video Dr. Joseph Allen OD FAAO reviews some common causes of lagophthalmos and how people develop dry eyes from sleeping with eyes half open. He also shares different strategies for dry eye treatment recommended for people struggling with dry eye disease or exposure keratopathy from lagophthalmos. If you are looking for a dry eye treatment at home or looking into other medical treatments for dry eye, then this video may help you. If you are struggling with severe dry eye syndrome symptoms it is important to follow up with a specialist in either optometry or ophthalmology that is trained in dry eye disease management.

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