The Most Thorough Dry Eye Examination – Dry Eyes Testing Explained

What to expect at your dry eye exam! Dr. Allen shares what dry eye tests are done and what they mean for dry eye treatment! Learn more about dry eye treatments here

The dry eye tests explained in this video are part of the comprehensive dry eye evaluation we offer at our clinic. While not every dry eye test that exists is detailed in this video, most testing you may see during a dry eye examination have been featured.
In my opinion and experience, not all of the dry eye testing shown is required for proper dry eye diagnosis and treatment, but certainly helps with finding an ideal dry eye treatment and proper follow up.

Dry eye syndrome or “dry eyes” is in fact a very complex disease with many contributing factors at play. Many people may experience occasional dry eye symptoms throughout life but chronic dryness can eventually lead to eye pain and blurred vision.

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Dry Eye Home Treatment Tips

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0:00 Dry Eye Examination
1:30 Eye and Health History
2:12 Dry Eye Questionnaire
2:54 Tear Film Osmolarity
4:30 Meibography
5:30 Tear Lipid Levels
6:40 Partial Blinking
6:56 Inflammadry
8:20 Schirmer’s Testing
9:34 Fluorescein Sodium Staining
10:48 Tear Break Up Time
11:29 Lissamine Green Stain
12:34 Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Assessment
13:12 Eyelid Assessment
13:54 Dry Eye Testing and Diagnosis
15:02 Corneal Sensitivity Testing

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