The UGLY Truth about Ray Ban Stories – Ray Ban Smart Glasses Review

Ever heard of Ray Ban Smart Glasses? Dr. Allen reveals the truth in this Ray Ban Stories Review! //// See more of Dr. Allen’s sunglasses reviews here 👉

Smart glasses have been growing in popularity and the Ray Ban Stories have received some of the most marketing hype. In order to complete a full review, I ordered a pair of the Ray Ban Stories Round frames in the Facebook Blue color. In my opinion, the coolest feature of these smart glasses is that you can be hands free in recording using the voice controls. This can be great for biking, skateboarding, fishing or other hands free activities where you would want to record live action video clips. After trying them out for 6 months, here is what you need to know.

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0:00 Ray Ban Smart Glasses Review
1:19 Ray Ban Stories Unboxing
2:18 Audio and Headphone Features
2:50 Sound Quality of Rayban Stories
4:38 Photo and Video Quality
7:24 Charging Glasses Case
9:03 Glasses Lens Quality
12:05 Frame Quality
17:26 Price and My Thoughts
20:37 Privacy Concern

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About This Video:
Ever heard of the Ray-Ban Stories Glasses? In this video, Dr. Joseph Allen, OD FAAO Diplo ABO reveals his thoughts in the Ray Ban Stories Review. If you are looking at purchasing a brand of new smart glasses and have considered purchasing some of the Facebook smart glasses, then watch this video first. This video will review the rayban stories features, including the technology along with the frame and lens quality.

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