Watch BEFORE you buy! 7 Tips for COLORED Contacts!

Here are 7 tips to know before trying colored contacts! Here is my guide for how to put them in

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đź“’ Show Notes đź“’

Most Brands of Colored Contacts including cosplay contacts, halloween contacts and sclera contacts are made with OLD TECHNOLOGY and may put your eyes at risk.

Listen to your eye doctor about how long YOU should be wearing these types of colored contact lenses.


IMPORTANT: If you ever have a red eye, a painful eye, you think you scratched your eye or are experiencing vision loss related to your contacts…REMOVE THE LENSES and call your local eye doctor ASAP.

The sclera contact lenses shown in this video can be ordered through your local eye clinic or online. Either way, always purchase your lenses through a trusted source.

⚡ Interested in the sclera contacts or the large oversized ones I wore in this video? Watch my guid to putin them in and taking them out here:

⚡ Here are some Rewetting drops that I use with colored contact lenses

⚡ How to put in eye drops:
Daily Colored Contacts to check out:

My original Halloween Contact lenses video
Fun to watch

NOTE: For the best success with contact lenses, It is in your advantage to first go through a contact lens fitting class at either your local eye clinic or optical for professional guidance.

It is also best to remove makeup before putting in or taking out contacts as the makeup can stick to the lenses (hard to remove)
— My favorite Makeup Remover (safe for skin eye eyelids) —

⚡ Check out this Guide on How to Clean Your Contacts


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About This Video: If you are looking into getting colored contacts or any type of contact lens for halloween or just to change your eye color, then this video is for you! Color contacts are a great way to change your look for parties, cosplay, Halloween or for any day of the week. However, color contacts have had a bad reputation as older technology and may put people at higher risk of complications and infection. In this video, Dr. Allen, shares his top 7 tips about wearing these colored contact lenses and where to buy them.

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