What is Corneal Collagen Crosslinking? Keratoconus Treatment Explained

Learn about the corneal collagen crosslinking treatment for keratoconus!
Keratoconus cross linking surgery is an operation used to slow down and halt the progression of the disease. For more resources on keratoconus treatment – check out these videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPanFRVV4uM&list=PLzi60fSuOmPD3YkK4dR29f9fz_tu0dTNr

In this video, I got to meet with one of the world’s leading corneal surgeons for this procedure. Dr. Mark Lobanoff at OVO Lasik and Lens. Where we will review how corneal crosslinking works, what happens during the cross linking surgery as well as answering common questions we get about keratoconus treatment and the cross linking operation.

Huge thank you to Dr. Lobanoff, his patient in this video and his team at OVO Lasik and Lens
Check them out here: https://www.ovoeye.com/

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with keratoconus and not sure if crosslinking is the next best step – it is always best to ask your local eye doctor about which may be best for you.
Can Keratoconus be cured? Check out these videos for more info
What is Keratoconus? Keratoconus Explained https://youtu.be/kPanFRVV4uM
Treatment of keratoconus https://youtu.be/CfYqz-HEfwY

For more information about Keratoconus treatment

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0:00 Corneal Collagen Crosslinking Treatment for Keratoconus
1:16 What is corneal collagen Crosslinking?
2:50 Keratoconus operation steps
4:35 Dr. Lobanoff’s Research
5:49 Cross linking Surgery
7:24 Q & A for Corneal Crosslinking
11:57 Question of the Day
12:37 Vision Correction for Keratoconus

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About this video:
Ever heard of corneal collagen crosslinking treatment for keratoconus? Corneal collagen crosslinking is a keratoconus treatment designed to slow down and halt the progression of keratoconus. In this video, Dr. Joseph J. Allen OD, FAAO, Diplo ABO heads to OVO Lasik and Lens to meet with Dr. Mark Lobanoff, MD to review the crosslinking procedure and what to expect from getting corneal crosslinking. If you want to know more about keratoconus crosslinking surgery, this video is for you.

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