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I cannot tell you how much your support of this channel means to me. Back in 2017, I started to dream of what an online video resource of optometry and ophthalmology knowledge would look like. I wanted to help people learn about eye health and where to find the best vision products so they could see their best After these last few years, I am just completely overwhelmed by the huge amounts of support the channel has received. While the channel has been a lot of work, the only reason it has seen such success is because of viewers like you. I cannot thank you enough for watching the channel, being a subscriber and sharing these videos with others. As a small token of my appreciation, I am hosting a free amazon gift card giveaway.

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9 Lucky winners will receive $50 to spend on amazon
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Winners will be announced October 9th
EVERYONE who enters will be invited to a private LIVE Ask Me Anything coming up on October 14th

Please let me know if you have a video idea or a topic you want covered as I take them seriously! THANK YOU and I appreciate you!
-Doctor Eye Health (Joseph Allen, OD, FAAO)

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Glasses fogging up with your face mask?
Try the Fog Stopper solution and IT WORKS!

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About This Video: This video is a giveaway announcement for free amazon gift cards! As a way to celebrate 200k subs we are hosting a thank you giveaway. To enter the giveaway, just go to the doctor eye health website and click the button which says “enter the giveaway”. Even if you do not win any of the amazon gift cards you will still be a winner as you will be invited to a private LIVE ask me anything coming up in October 2020. Thank you so much for your support.

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