Xiidra Vs Restasis: Which is better?

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In this video we compare restasis vs xiidra. These are both prescription dry eye treatments available through a qualified healthcare professional. Both are prescribed as eye drops and and instilled twice per day. If you are interested in trying Xiidra or Restasis, please talk to your local eye doctor about which may be best for you.

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Xiidra Vs Restasis (Coming Soon)

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About this video: In this video, we compare populer dry eyes treatment, Xiidra vs restasis. If you have been prescribed these medications or are looking for ways to cure dry eye, this video will break down how these medications work. Dr. Allen also shares his experience prescribing these medications.

0:00 Xiidra Vs Restasis
1:09 How to use Xiidra
1:28 How does Xiidra Work?
3:12 Xiidra Side Effects
3:56 My Experience with Xiidra
4:41 Inflammation on the eye
5:27 Sponsor
6:27 Restasis
7:05 How does Restasis Work?
9:08 Restasis Side Effects
9:41 Restasis Vs Cequa
10:23 My Experience with Cyclosporine

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