Doctor Reacts to Lasik Eye Surgery GONE WRONG!

LASIK eye surgery is one of the safest eye surgeries we have but what happens when someone has a bad lasik surgery? Here is my doctor reacts video of my first time watching Final Destination 5, where I review what really happens during laser eye surgery and where this movie gets it all wrong.

I love horror movies and when I heard there was a lasik eye surgery scene in Final Destination, I had to shoot a reaction video.

Typically, a lasik eye surgery experience goes by fast and without any problems. In this movie, many things go terribly wrong and there were many aspects to the lasik experience that were not true to life.

If you are ever considering getting Lasik or any laser eye surgery, please consult your local ophthalmologist or optometrist for more information and what may be the best for you.

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-Doctor Eye Health (Joseph Allen, OD, FAAO)

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About this video:
Here is my doctor reacts to lasik eye surgery gone wrong video. Many people are afraid of the eyes and anything touching the eyes, so obviously, horror movies often show bad things happening to people’s eyeballs. In this video, see Dr. Allen’s first time watching final destination 5 as he breaks down lasik eye surgery gone bad and truths to laser eye surgery.
If you love watching scary movies or are interested in knowing more about the eyes or eye surgery, this video is for you.

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