Eye Cancer? Eye Freckle Vs Melanoma of the Eye

Ever been told you had an Eye Freckle? This freckle or “choroidal nevus” is concerning as it could become an ocular melanoma, a potentially deadly form of eye cancer. Learn what testing can be done, the diagnosis and what treatments are available.

There are many different pigmented spots that can appear in the eyeball and one of these spots appears as a freckle or mole behind the retina. This retinal nevus or “choroidal nevus” is basically a mole behind the retina of the eye and could potentially become a melanoma. Melanoma of the eye is a type of eye cancer that can seriously threaten a person’s eyesight as well as their life.
These choroidal nevi are typically found in about 7-10% of the population but thankfully most people never develop a choroidal melanoma. However, due to the severity of the diagnosis, eye doctors take the evaluation of choroidal nevi very seriously.

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If you have ever been told you have a mole on the back of your eye or that you have an “eye freckle”, I hope you find this video helpful and informative. Thank you for watching!
-Joseph J. Allen, OD, FAAO, Diplo ABO

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💥 Note: UV light (and blue light to some extent) has been implicated to be a potential cause for worsening choroidal melanoma growth
Best to protect your eyes with Full UV light protection sunglasses and wide brimmed hats.

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1:44 Eye Cancer
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2:34 Testing for Choroidal Melanoma vs Choroidal Nevus
3:36 To Find Small Ocular Melanoma Mnemonic
4:34 Eye Cancer Symptoms
6:26 New Mnemonic with Fundus Photography
7:07 Risk Factors
7:30 Eye Cancer Treatment

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About This Video: Ever been told you had an eye freckle or eye nevus? A retinal nevus or “choroidal nevus” is basically a mole behind the retina of the eye and could potentially become a melanoma. Melanoma of the eye is a type of eye cancer that can seriously threaten a person’s eyesight as well as their life. In this video, I break down the diagnosis of a choroidal nevi and what eye doctors think about when evaluating for a possible choroidal melanoma.

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