Pinguecula Vs Pterygium (Signs, Symptoms, Treatment)

What is a Pinguecula vs Pterygium? Learn what causes these conditions and how they are treated!

Ever looked in the mirror and wondered “what is the yellow spot on my eye”? If you have noticed a yellow spot on your eye, there is a chance it could be a pinguecula. A pinguecula is a small, yellow or sometimes pink growth on the white part of the eye. Pinguecula symptoms include irritation and dryness feelings on the eye but are mostly asymptomatic unless aggravated. Sometimes a pinguecula can become inflamed and is termed a pingueculitis. When Pingueucula treatment is required, doctors will often prescribe topical steroid eye drops to help with inflammation, otherwise prevention or conservative treatment with UV light protecting sunglasses and lubrication eye drops are recommended.

A pterygium is similar in that it is also a growth on the eye but often grows over the cornea. A Ptergyium is often called a surfer’s eye because they often develop on the eyes of beachgoers and people who spend time on the ocean. A pterygium is often progressive and may require surgical treatment because Pterygiums often induce irregular astigmatism. Symptoms of a pterygium include irritation, eye redness, and blurred vision. Pterygium treatment is often conservative to prevent progression but often requires surgery to remove it. Prevention of pterygium often also includes using UV light protection sunglasses and artificial tears.

If you think you have a pinguecula or a pterygium, I hope you find this video helpful and informative. Thank you for watching!
-Joseph J. Allen, OD, FAAO, Diplo ABO

0:00 Pinguecula vs pterygium
0:30 What is the yellow spot on my eye
0:55 What is a pinguecula
1:13 Pteygium or Surfers Eye
1:38 Pterygium Pathology
3:29 Pinguecula Symptoms
4:05 Pterygium Symptoms
4:51 Pinguecula Treatment
6:14 Pterygium Treatment

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About This Video: Do you have a yellow spot on your eye? In this video we review the differences between a pterygium vs pinguecula. If you want to learn more about the causes and treatments of these conditions, this video is for you.

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