Prescription Glasses Lens Guide: Lens Types and Materials

Learn how to pick the best prescription glasses lenses for you! – Check out our full series showing what you need to know about buying prescription glasses

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Purchasing prescription glasses can be a challenge and often confusing when you do not know all the lens options. In this video, I walk you through different eyeglasses lens types (such as bifocals vs trifocals vs progressive lenses), as well as showing different glasses lens materials and the pros and cons of each.

If possible, it is always best to consult your local optician or glasses shop for more information and details about what is best for you and your glasses prescription.

⏰ Timecodes ⏰
0:00 – Prescription glasses guide
1:19 – Glasses lens types
1:45 – Single Vision Lenses
2:01 – Bifocal vs Trifocal Lenses
2:54 – Progressive lenses
4:01 – Lens Material for glasses
4:40 – CR-39
5:14 – Lens material types
5:23 – Polycarbonate lenses
6:51 – Trivex lenses
7:36 – High Index Lenses
7:55 – High Glasses Prescription

How to Pick Glasses for your Face Shape:
Lens Coatings Guide: (COMING SOON)

No matter where you buy your eyeglasses it is always best to have them professionally adjusted to improve their fit and comfort. It will help you see better too.

If you are looking to purchase prescription glasses online, it is important to continue seeing your eye doctor yearly for eye health evaluations. Although you may be seeing well, many eye diseases may creep up without affecting your eyesight until it’s too late.

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Thinking of buying new prescription glasses? In this video, Dr. Allen from Doctor Eye Health shares his knowledge about eyeglasses lens types and different lens materials for glasses.

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