The TRUTH about Tea Tree Oil: Good or Bad for your Eyes?

Is tea tree oil GOOD or BAD for the eyes? Does tea tree oil make dry eyes worse? These are questions we answer by reviewing a recent publication. Learn more ways to clean your eyelashes here:

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Tea Tree oil has been used in eyecare for many years. Tea tree oil benefits include working as an antimicrobial and anti inflammatory. Tea tree oil uses for the eyes include helping with blepharitis, eyelid styes, cleaning eyelash extensions, meibomian gland dysfunction, dry eyes and demodex mites.

A 2020 publication concluded that the active ingredient in tea tree oil was toxic to meibomian gland cells in vitro. Since then, some eye doctors have been concerned about tea tree oil causing dry eyes to get worse, however, as we discuss in this video, that specific study may have some flaws.

I hope you find this video helpful and please comment with any questions you have. I take all of your comments and questions seriously and I appreciate you. – Joseph Allen, OD FAAO, Diplo ABO

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About this video: Does Tea tree oil for demodex mites cause dry eyes? Many of my followers have reported hearing that tea tree oil products can make dry eyes worse. So in this video we review tea tree oil benefits and a specific study looking at how tea tree oil affects the meibomian glands.

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