Is Baby Shampoo Bad for the Eyes? #shorts

Is baby shampoo safe for cleaning the eyelids and eyelashes? Learn more about how to clean the eyelids here:

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Have you ever used baby shampoo for eye wash or baby shampoo for makeup remover? For many years eyelid scrub with baby shampoo has been recommended by eye doctors because it is written in textbooks as an easy answer. However, over time using baby shampoo on the eyelid may in fact be causing worse problems, such as irritation, allergies and causing worse dry eyes.

Thankfully blepharitis removal is now easier than ever because of the many eyelid cleaning products that are available. Below are products specifically designed to be more eyelid friendly.

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1️⃣ My favorite Eyelids Cleaning Foams
EyeLove Eyelid Wash
Zocular Foam
Gentle EyeEco

2️⃣ My favorite Eyelid Cleaning Wipes
Tear Restore HylaWipe
EyeLove Eyelid Cleaning Wipes

⚡ Eye Friendly Makeup and Remover⚡

3️⃣ Nulids Device for Blepharitis and Dry Eye
👉Check it out here:

Gels I like to use with NuLids
#1 – Zocular Gel
#2 – MyboClean

4️⃣ MyboClean
Brushes- Pack of 4

5️⃣ Hypochlorous Acid
Hydrate from Eyelove
Avenova –

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About This Video: If you are having red or irritated eyelids and wondering if baby shampoo on the eyelids is safe, then this video is for you. For many years eye doctors have recommended baby shampoo on the eyelids but does that really help or could it causing more problems? Over the years, new information has come out that many preservatives and ingredients used in cosmetics and other skincare products can cause irritation and death of the eyelid glands. Are you using baby shampoo as makeup remover? Think again.

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