INSANELY Flexible Eyeglasses – TurboFLex Eyewear Showcase

Dr. Allen breaks down some of the most flexible eyeglasses on the market! Check out TurboFlex Eyewear with EasyClip Technology here:

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TurboFlex Eyewear are designed with world wide patented technology to give full 360 degree movement of the glasses temples. This feature allows them to bend in almost every direction and making them some of the most durable glasses on the market.
Another cool bonus is that because of the dual hinges, the glasses frames make for little to no need for eyeglasses adjustments.

TurboFlex Eyewear also includes the addition of EasyClip Technology. EasyClip is a type of clip on sunglasses which features magnetic clips on both the sunglasses as well as the glasses frames. This makes for a strong and durable hold for the sunglasses and helps prevent them from falling off.

If you are someone who easily breaks their glasses or perhaps you like to wear a single pair of glasses for multiple years, eyeglasses from TurboFlex may be a great option for you.

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About this video: Have you ever broken your eyeglasses before? Ever wish you could find unbreakable glasses frames? Well these might be the closest thing! In this video, Dr. Allen from Dr Eye Health gives his breakdown of TurboFlex Eyewear. If you are looking for flexible glasses frames or the most durable eyewear out there, this might be it.

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