FASTER Results with Your Warm Compress for Dry Eyes – 5 Tips

Get dry eye relief FASTER with these warm compress tips! Learn what SCIENCE says about doing a warm compress for dry eyes and the best warm compress habit to get the most out of your at home dry eye treatment. Learn more here:

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Warm compresses are used as a dry eye treatment early on for the management of evaporative dry eye disease, often as a result of Meibomian gland dysfunction. Warm compresses (also known as hot compresses) are used to melt rancid, solidified oils trapped in the eyelids. This allows for the oils to run smoothly out of the oil glands and allow for new oils to be produced.

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0:00 Warm Compress for Dry Eyes
1:29 Using a Warm Washcloth doesn’t work
2:10 How long to do a warm compress
2:32 Blocked Meibomian Glands
2:53 How often to use a warm compress
3:46 What Temperature to do a compress
– Note: 40 Degrees Celsius is the recommended temperature to heat the oil glands to melt the thick oils – Not necessarily the temp of the warm compress device.
4:34 How to do a eyelid massage
ūüĎČ Learn my tips for doing Eyelid Massage:

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About This Video:
In this video, Joseph J. Allen, OD FAAO from Doctor Eye Health reviews how a warm compress for dry eyes can be done to get faster results. In general, warm compresses for the eyes can be used for styes, dry eyes and for blepharitis. This video focuses on the benefits of using a heat compress for dry eyes and what science says about the proper way to do warm compress.
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