How To Get Rid of EYE STRAIN – 7 Tips to Avoid Eye Strain

Learn how to get rid of eye strain with these 7 tips!
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Time Stamps for this Video
0:01 – Eye Strain Symptoms
1:05 – What is Eye Strain?
1:47 – The 20 20 20 rule for eyes
2:27 – Proper reading distance and cell phone use
3:00 – Sit with proper posture
4:45 – Best Lighting for Reading
5:26 – Active Dark mode and Blue light mode
6:29 – Dry Eye from Computer Use
5:10 – Ask your Eye Doctor about Computer Glasses or Reading glasses

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The best tip in my opinion is taking frequent breaks (although this is difficult with our busy lifestyles).
Eye doctors often quote the 20/20/20 rule. Which means to try and take a break every 20 minutes, looking 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

My second favorite tip in this video is about proper posture, unfortunately many of us (including me) have poor posture while working at a desk and using our mobile phones.

My third favorite tip is to use proper lighting while working. Using good light helps constrict your pupil which improves your near focus (increases depth of field). It also boosts contrasts and makes letters easier to distinguish. It is also good to use softer yellower light as artificial light can also produce blue light which may have negative effects on your eyes and neurological health.

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About this video: If you have been experiencing increased eye strain symptoms from being on digital devices, then you could have digital eye strain from computer vision syndrome. These eye strain symptoms often include dry eyes, blurred vision, eye strain headaches and neck pain. To help with these symptoms, Joseph J. Allen, OD FAAO shares his 7 favorite tips to avoid eye strain. some helpful tips to help with eye fatigue and computer eye strain.

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